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June 4, 2013 Posted by patrick

Watch Game of Thrones OnlineStatus: Hiatus/Break
Release date: 17 April 2011 (USA)
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy
External LinkIMDB

Series Overview: Seven noble families fight for control of the mythical land of Westeros. Happy Watching Game of Thrones Online at!




Episode List

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4


  • Bea

    Hi, I’ve made several attempts to watch Game of Thrones. The first few episodes worked okay initially on the old site face (did stop a few times after only a few minutes viewing), but can’t get any of them to work now. I’ve cleared cookies from my browsing history, but still no luck. Any advice please? Thanks

    • quicktv_admin

      hi bea, if you are using Ishared you have to click “close and play” then click on “play game of thrones”. it should work. just buzz us if theres anymore problem

      • Bea

        Hi, I have been doing that but it still won’t work. I watched Rectify last night with no problems, I just seem to be having issues with Game of Thrones…

        • quicktv_admin

          i see, try to use vidbull. locate for a tiny “x” mark at the top of play and download then click that “x” mark then click on the play button at the center.

          • Bea

            Perfect!! Thanks heaps!!!!

          • quicktv_admin

            you’re welcome. enjoy watching the show.

      • cameronralph

        Hi i have the same problem however it keeps stopping my glorious enjoyment of Westeros how do I over come this Annoyance?

        • cameronralph

          And this is happening with Ishared only

          • accnt_admin

            hi there, you may have a slow internet connection or maybe ishared’s server is overloaded. we just added allmyvid and vidspot, try to use these video sources. you may also switch tabs and use other video sources as well.

          • cameronralph

            Hmm well I think Allmyvid was a very beneficial video provider there sir

          • cameronralph

            How come from ep 5 upwards I cannot use allmyvid it says “File was deleted” Please fix :(

          • accnt_admin

            fixed. also in cases that one video source is not working just switch tab to check for available video sources

  • Tyler Sanchez

    when are you guys putting the next season on

    • quicktv_admin

      game of thrones season 4 will air early in 2014, no specific date yet.

      • Clarisse

        That would be march :)
        game of thrones season 4 will air early in 2014, precisely March 31, 2014 :D at 9pm on HBO

  • asd

    theres a long way till april….

  • JP

    problems with Game of Thrones season 3 all episodes after the 1st one. using all you steps for ishared and it always stops streaming within 10 seconds.

    • Mikewu1

      Your internet sucks then. Works great for me.

  • fred

    that dragon chick is super hot

  • lol

    Use a difrent video provider up top i like ishared the best

  • Sjms

    Just stared watching game of thrones finished season 1. Started season 2 and I seem to missing some things that happened. After some investigating episode 10 posted here is really episode 9. A little confussed…….

  • jamesd

    so is the season 3 episode 2 and 3 on Vimeo?

  • Miranda

    How come there are no subtitles when the dothraki scenes?

  • EvilD

    what is that random music that scares the mess out of me.



  • Sierra Griffin

    Just anted to say that I adore this website and the people who run it and THANK YU MUCH foruploading all my favorite shows on here <3

    • accnt_admin

      thanks sierra :)

  • Elias Zeakel

    i really admire this website but i hope you to upload Jemis Pond serise

    • accnt_admin

      hi elias, we can’t find any jemis pond series. maybe you meant a different one?

  • jack

    and Joeffry died finally… that malicious bastard… We all love the Dwarf

    • killallspoilerpeople

      u prick

  • leo

    good website

  • Hazeyj

    Brilliant i love this site i know adverts make the money but I would love this site a lot more without sources that do nothing but take me to the App Store I’m getting sick of the sight of it and would never download somthing that has to spam people to buy it other than that thank you very much for the site

  • Elias Zeakel

    I expect Jon Snow will be the king

    • Balmit

      that bastard? no way, daeneris (khaleesi) will be the queen definatly and she will own the 7 kingdoms and etc.

      • Elias Zeakel

        no I don’t think so coz in the privous Ep she said that she’s going to rule what is in her power .
        But Jon Snow Is meant be a hero coz he has the blood of kings

    • Josh Wachtenheim

      Jon Snow can’t be king cuz he took the black and you’re not allowed to be in royalty if you join the Nights Watch…

  • Simba

    I absolutely love this site!!!
    I would like to thank the admins for going through so much trouble to get these series.

    Thank you.

  • Ash

    Love Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lanistor such an amzing actor!

  • james ozzy

    no got today

    • SuperConnorXD

      i know right?

    • Josh Wachtenheim

      so pissed off…

  • Bluh

    How come there isn’t a new episode yet?

    • puju

      it will come out next week, it’s because of memorial day in the US but Prince Oberyn Loses to the Mountain and Tyrion dies in the next episode

  • ahhhhndrea

    Where us episode 8!!!

    • puju

      it will come out next week, it’s because of memorial day in the US but Prince Oberyn Loses to the Mountain and Tyrion dies in the next episode.

  • puju

    Prince Oberyn Loses to the Mountain and Tyrion dies

    • SuperConnorXD

      no. just no.

      • SuperConnorXD

        god damn it why?

  • reg

    where is episode 8 from Season 4?

  • cameronralph

    Why is Allmyvid videos removed they were a really good stream provider!

    • accnt_admin

      hi there, we have replaced the broken links. pls inform us if you there are more broken or removed allmyvid videos. thanks

  • cameronralph

    Guys Stop spoiling it for others! it is really immature as well

  • paula

    how come i cant watch season 4 episode 1- 4 ? :(

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