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July 18, 2013 Posted by patrick

Watch Family Guy OnlineStatus: Ongoing
Release date: 31 January 1999 (USA)
Genre: Animation, Comedy
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Series Overview: In a wacky Rhode Island town, a dysfunctional family strive to cope with everyday life as they are thrown from one crazy scenario to another. Happy Watching Family Guy Online at!



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  • Niko Bellic

    Can’t believe Brian’s dead! :(

  • Sam Leaburn

    I can’t believe Adam West is dead

    • MisterRake .

      WTF I still can’t believe Brian is dead AND YOU’RE WORRYING ABOUT ADAM FUCKING WEST?

      • Guest

        But at least we saw Brian die ,however we did not see Adam West die.

      • Sam Leaburn

        But at least we saw Brian die however we did not see Adam West’s death and that is not fair.

      • KazeOnline

        No, the actor who plays Adam West is real, he played batman in the 60′s, he died

      • Jack Nilsson

        Brian is not dead…

      • thalia

        i know the fucking brian is dead and he is worrying about west

    • YoloWolf

      What the hell were they thinking when they killed Brian, this is just sad :(

      • Sam Leaburn

        Well it turns out they didn’t and Adam West is still dead though

        • Smaracica Profi

          Nobody gives a fuck about Adam West.

    • MancVandaL

      Adam West is alive.

      • Sam Leaburn

        I probably could guess that. The only reason I said what I said was to wind these people up about nothing.

    • jaidyn

      are you serious?! hes not dead it was a family guy joke hes still alive

  • Stewie

    brain is dead brian is dead brian is dead brian is dead brian is dead brian is dead brian is dead dead is brian dead is brian dead is brian dead is brian brian is dead dead dead dead dead !!!

  • Issam Dbiri

    why they killed brian :(

  • Sainey

    Guys u realize the only reason brian died because Seth the creator of family guy doesnt want to do the show anymore but instead of closing the show completely he is gonna take a character out one by one the reason Meg didnt die cause no one likes her season 12 is probably gonna be the las tseason why else would Seth kill brian everyone loved him and dont you think if he was gonna kill someone it would be Meg? Im not saying i wanted brian to die he is like my favourite character next to stewie but Seth is just getting tried of the show so again he just is gonna take out character by character. But still i dont understand why brian would die first seth is just trying to lower the amount of views he gets so when he stops doing the show it wont be that big of a deal

    • 1456798762

      why would he quit the show how would everyone i the show earn money and dont say its not a big deal that they quitted it because people will not forget it just like that and they will be complaining about it

    • alan

      that is the by far one of the most made up stupid things I have ever read….
      1: they are making wayyyyy too much money to stop making family guy, its getting just as big as the simpsons now
      2: why the hell would he introduce a new character if he was trying to kill everyone off one by one?
      3: my opinion of why brian was killed off was because seth was afraid of the show getting stale… killing off brian now means more new story line, probably about the new character backround ect. . . I was sickened when brian went too but it was the logical choice because he could be replaced and more importantly no one lost there job because seth does the voice

      • VinceNoir

        Guys, the only reason I can think of them killing off brian would be that… Well, it’s christmas. My guess would be that as dogs are (for some reason) linked to christmas, there will be a christmas special, where somehow, brian is going to reappear in the show. There is no clarification on this but it;s the best guess I have.

    • Matthew

      That is the absolute silliest thing I’ve heard all year… Possibly in my entire life. -:S
      PS. Please learn to punctuate your grammar.

  • Spion Spelar

    I cant believe Brian is dead HOW!!!!

    • kai arne

      he got hit by a car


    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww BRIAN FUCK NO

  • VinceNoir

    P.S. Pineapples are awesome

  • LDKS

    wheres this weeks episode?

    • quicktv_admin

      next episode will air on december 8

  • The Unidentified Black man

    Guys Brian is coming back don’t worry, there are 2 episode names that have been copyrighted for the next season that have Brain in them.

    Stewie will save him in the Christmas episode, as previously stated in the episode ‘Life of Brian’ Stewie went forward to check his Christmas presents and says he got the thing he wanted for Christmas. I believe that was Brian, the Stewie in the future will know exactly when past Stewie arrives therefore can warn him of the car that will kill Brian. Everything will go back to the way it was and all is good.

    • Cro Acter

      why the fuck would you tell us that

    • Cro Acter

      but really, why ? did you write the episode? Is that your idea that he comes back ? no, you read it somewhere and now just coppied it here and probably ruined it for someone

    • Cro Acter

      think about that before you be a dick next time

  • Ingólfur Sigurbjörnsson

    WTF Nelson Mandela is dead

  • Andy Micklewright

    Is it me or has Quagmire turned into a right miserable c***??

  • Bugra Ergin

    RIP to Adam West who died before Brian but nobody cares because he wasn’t famous

    • Tim Rawlinson


  • Bugra Ergin

    but seriously I don’t like the new dog!

  • Faith S. Yintii

    wow this site is great

  • Guest

    I don’t know what the hell is going on. Griffin killed himself? Its not like he didn’t die before, but he always come back. Now the last episode show him killing himself right at the and. Crasy stuff.

  • Will

    Brian died so idiots like you talk about it, and make up random shit stories as to why he is dead. Its publicity, simple

  • Nirvana

    Adam West u legend, dont rest in peace…so tht ur spirit keeps on hovering around quhog and keeps making special appearances……screw u brian the puss

  • Uni BlackSister

    I can’t believe anyone cares that Brian is dead, vinny has been way better in the short time he’s been on the show. Fuck Brian he was good but he can stay dead, he’s real full of himself and thinks he’s some great writer. Vinny should get his own episode soon :)

  • stev

    Brain is back!!

  • YoloWolf

    Brian lives again, i knew there was something wrong with a main character dying!

  • RIP Family Guy

    Whatever happened to the Evil monkey and the funny black news reporter?

  • Jason Fenmore

    why is the newest episode still not up :[

    • accnt_admin

      next episode will air January 5, 2014

  • billythekid

    brian is not dead

  • Houston Stone Love Scott

    i cried on chrismas guy #nohomotho

  • Amir


  • loai

    fuck this shit i mean without brain how i will watch itd
    the show is a bout brain . quagmire and peter and the baby Stewie

  • snoop wog

    Why do most of the episodes randomly restart?







  • thalia

    i can’t belive adam west is alive !

  • Guest

    Family Guy Season 12 Episode 11 – 3 Acts of God
    is NOT an episode of Family Guy, but American Dad. Remove it please. Thanks.

    Family Guy Season 12 Episode 11 – 3 Acts of God
    Family Guy Season 12 Episode 11 – 3 Acts of God
    Family Guy Season 12 Episode 11 – 3 Acts of God
    Family Guy Season 12 Episode 11 – 3 Acts of God

  • Jim Carrey

    Family Guy Season 12 Episode 11 – 3 Acts of God
    is NOT an episode of Family Guy, but American Dad. Remove it please. Thanks.

    • PunkFan#1

      go on the putlocker video. that one is family guy ;)

    • Sanish Moher

      ermm yeah it is actually, but they got the name mixed up, that episode should be titled ‘”Brian’s a Bad Father” we should get 1 more episode called “Mom’s the Word” before finally getting the 13th episode of season 12 titled “3 Acts of God”

      • Jim Carrey

        emmm no it isn’t…players are messed up..the first player shows American dad’s episode and some others show last episode of FG.. They should just remove the 1st player… Besides, that’s what most people look at the first time they watch a random epiosde… ;)

  • keveh

    Why did you put Mom’s the Word like 5 days before it aired? I was like, ooh new episode then i was like aw.. they lied.

    • accnt_admin

      we are having problems posting updates on the site due to server error. once we had a chance we posted a link so that when the new episode comes we won’t have any problem posting the show.

  • buzzkitchen


    • 100SChiraq

      dammn girl, you hella fine

      • Moses of World Star

        Cat fish

  • Adamhulaeu

    Why did you change the theme of this website?

    • accnt_admin

      its now back to its original theme

      • Adamhulaeu

        ehh?? okay

  • erik

    Is there going to be more episodes for season 12?

    • accnt_admin

      that’s all the episode for season 12. season 13 will air this Fall.

  • george

    why there are no more epsode?

  • zagraj

    yaaaaaaaaaaa finally family guy and the simpson are back and thank you quick tv

    • accnt_admin

      welcome :)

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